Optimizing Saw Blades

Series 2018 - Optimizing Saw Blades

Carbide-tipped optimizing/chop saw with extra stable saw plate, designed for high-speed cut-off applications of solid wood.  The Opti-Cut is commonly used on chop and optimizing saws like Barr-Mullin, Cantek, Dimter, Kentwood, Omga, Paul, System TM and others.

This blade features a high tooth count and alternate top grind for exceptionally clean cut in solid wood. 6 degree hook.


Diameter Kerf Plate Bore Z Tooth Style Pinholes Product Buy Now
400mm 3.5mm 2.8mm 30mm 120 ATB 2/10/60 GDP | GUHDO 2018.400.30 QTY: Add to Cart ($228.00)
450mm 4.8mm 3.5mm 30mm 138 ATB 2/10/60 GDP | GUHDO 2018.450.30 QTY: Add to Cart ($351.00)
500mm 4.8mm 3.5mm 30mm 144 ATB 2/10/60 GDP | GUHDO 2018.500.30 QTY: Add to Cart ($377.00)
600mm 5.4mm 4mm 30mm 175 ATB 2/10/60 GDP | GUHDO 2018.600.30 QTY: Add to Cart ($530.00)

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