Hydro/Heat Shrink

Precision Heat Shrink Chucks

We offer free mounting for heat shrink tool holders purchased with insert tooling or diamond tooling!
Heat Shrink Chuck Specs

Technical details:

High-precision HSK tool adaptor with thermal shrinking technology for shank tolerance as per norm EN 847-2. Finely balanced up to 30 000 R.P.M. Short and slim design.


For high precision clamping of tool shanks made of solid carbide or steel. Provides extremely high clamping power and accuracy up to 0.003 mm (0.0001”) on tool shanks made of solid T.C. or steel.

Improved surface quality through exact concentricity. Thanks to this continuous contact of the cutting edges. Therefore less abrasive wear and longer durability.

The heat shrink tool holder can be used for either right-hand or left-hand rotation tools.

Special advantages:

  • Highest concentricity and repeat accuracy ( < 0,003 mm)
  • Optimum balancing quality
  • Suitable for HSC- and HPC-machining (especially with PCD-tipped and solid T.C. tools)
  • Short and slim design

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Precision Heat Shrink Chucks
Diameter L1 A Product Buy Now
3/8" 100 75 GDP | GUHDO 6378.953F63 QTY: Add to Cart ($446.00)
1/4" 100 75 GDP | GUHDO 6378.635F63 QTY: Add to Cart ($446.00)
1/2" 100 75 GDP | GUHDO 6378.127F63 QTY: Add to Cart ($292.00)
3/4" 100 75 GDP | GUHDO 6378.195F63 QTY: Add to Cart ($292.00)
8mm 100 75 GDP | GUHDO 6378.080F63 QTY: Add to Cart ($329.00)
10mm 100 75 GDP | GUHDO 6378.100F63 Contact Us
12mm 100 75 GDP | GUHDO 6378.120F63 Contact Us
16mm 100 75 GDP | GUHDO 6378.160F63 QTY: Add to Cart ($292.00)
20mm 100 75 GDP | GUHDO 6378.200F63 QTY: Add to Cart ($323.00)
25mm 100 75 GDP | GUHDO 6378.250F63 QTY: Add to Cart ($292.00)

Precision Hydro Chucks

HSK 63F Hydro Grip Type G2 tool holders are extremely easy to use.  No special setup equipment is required.  The compact, slender design is highly precise and comes with a safety feature that prevents the tool from slipping out of the tool holder if it's not pressurized.Hydro Chuck Specs

HSK 63F hydro chucks are available in metric (12, 16, 20 and 25mm) and imperial sizes (3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1").  For pricing, please email us!

Technical details:

Tempered and ground tool body. Thoroughly balanced for R.P.M. max. 25 000. 


For high-precision clamping of parallel shanks 25 mm on CNC machines for both right-hand or left-hand rotation tools.

Special advantages:

  • Maximum concentricity for improved surface finish and increased tool life.
  • Higher clamping precision because the parallel tool shanks are gripped absolutely concentrically over their full length.
  • Higher clamping power resulting in increased frictional force which allows the transmission of high torques.
Precision Hydro Chucks
Diameter Connection Product Buy Now
12mm G2-12/HSK63F GDP | GUHDO 6390.630.12 Contact Us
16mm G2-16/HSK63F GDP | GUHDO 6390.630.16 Contact Us
20mm G2-20/HSK63F GDP | GUHDO 6390.630.20 Contact Us
25mm G2-25/HSK63F GDP | GUHDO 6390.630.25 Contact Us
3/8" G2-3/8"/HSK63F GDP | GUHDO 6390.630.38G2 Contact Us
1/2" G2-1/2"/HSK63F GDP | GUHDO 6390.630.12G2 Contact Us
3/4" G2-3/4"/HSK63F GDP | GUHDO 6390.630.34G2 Contact Us
1" G2-1"/HSK63F GDP | GUHDO 6390.630.01G2 Contact Us

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