Cyclone Dust Evacuation

Cyclone Dust Evacuation Nut

Here at GDP Industrial Tooling We always strive to provide products that out perform all other products. This is why we have introduced our new Ceramic Coated Dust Extractor. The Ceramic Coating prevents the material that is being removed from sticking to the extractor itself, improving the efficiency of material removal.

We also have a new 80mm diameter extractor to fit the need of tight tool storage.

New price of 395!

Collet Style Product Buy Now
RDO35 (80 mm) GDP | GUHDO 6363.008.25 QTY: Add to Cart ($395.00)
ER40 GDP | GUHDO 6363.001.40 QTY: Add to Cart ($395.00)
ER32 GDP | GUHDO 6363.001.32 QTY: Add to Cart ($395.00)
RDO35 GDP | GUHDO 6363.001.25 QTY: Add to Cart ($395.00)

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