Insert Glue Joint Cutter for CNC Routers


Rapido Glue Joint Cutter

GDP GUHDO has a standard insert router bits for Glue Joint applications as part of our Customize-It Program. If your shop uses glue joints with solid wood production, this may be an ideal solution to save both time and money while also reducing your solid wood material waste.

Our Customize-It Program provides standard profile insert router bits that are specifically designed for producing tight, architectural glue joints in soft and hard woods. Depending on the material, material thickness and application, we offer five standard profiles to suite your needs off the shelf. Each profile offers typical glue joint profiles with different pitch and finger lengths. Nonadjustable tool options for material thickness range from ¾” up to 1-1/2”. For thicker material, an adjustable tool option for material thickness of 2” up to 3-1/4” is also available.

Standard replaceable profile inserts assures the integrity and repeatability of these critically important joints. These tools are ideal for any size facility including manufacturers of doors, windows, cabinets or millwork facilities. For additional information, contact GDP GUHDO.

Standard Rapido Profiles

Standard Rapido Profiles

Helical CNC Cutter with Reversible Insert Tips

Helical CNC Planer Cutter

Helical CNC Planer Cutter on HSK63F arbor

This helical insert cutter (Item# 4339.800.30) is ideal for trimming, jointing, rebating, hogging and copying operations on solid wood as well as composite materials. For use on all CNC machining centers, this cutter has a maximum rpm of 18,000 and it comes in 80mm diameter x 80mm cut length with a 30mm arbor and 8x2mm keyway as well as a spacer (1). (HSK or ISO/SK tool holder is sold separately). Special sizes can be manufactured based on customer needs.

The cutter body is made of a high quality, light metal alloy with hard-anodized surface and special convex ground reversible insert knives to provide an excellent surface finish. The insert tips overlap 75% of the cutting surface, thus providing an effective 3 wing design. The bottom of the cutter has 2 reversible spurs for clean corners on rebate cuts. The bottom of the cutter is recessed to accommodate the retaining screw so that the cutter cuts flush on the bottom.

  • Special advantages of this cutter include high chip removal rate and improved chip flow through the helically positioned cutting edges
  • Optimum division of cut and shear angles for high feed rates
  • Perfect finish, without leaving visible knife marks, due to the special convex ground solid carbide tips.
  • Reduced noise level through aerodynamic design
  • Great option for pre-cutting arches in window production and also very popular in stair production.

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