National “Get Woodworking Week!”


It’s National Get Woodworking Week!


Woodworking is a hobby and/or profession that is fun and interesting. It not only challenges creative skills but also analytical skills. On top of that, it also leaves one with a feeling of satisfaction upon finishing a project and being able to see a completed product.


Get Woodworking Week started as an idea by Tom fromĀ Tom’s Workbench. In order to preserve traditional woodworking and to make sure the craft of woodworking doesn’t get lost over time, he and a few other passionate woodworkers decided to initiate National Get Woodworking week.


Considering that the trend in the furniture industry seems to develop away from pieces that are build to last and more towards pieces out of MDF or particle board, his efforts are commendable.


Upon realizing that woodworking isn’t taught in schools nearly as frequently anymore as it used to, Tom and his fellow woodworking friends decided that it was time to start National Get Woodworking week in order to inspire those new to woodworking to get more involved, inspired and motivated.

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