Insert Tooling for Tenon Production

tenon cutter


adjustable tenon cutter

GUHDO offers many specialty cutter heads for various machines and applications. One such application is the production of tenons. Commonly used in the furniture industry, GUHDO’s adjustable insert cutter head is specifically designed for tenon machines including Bacci, Balestrini, Pade and Greda. Available for use on single or double sided machines, these two-piece cutter heads offer easy use and adjustment capability to produce tenon lengths of 5 – 50 mm. Above shows the option for single sided tenon machine.


double sided adjustable tenon cutters

The adjustment is achieved with the use of a Vernier scale located on the side of the cutter head. Supplied with standard, double and four sided inserts, these cutter heads are designed to produce precise and accurate tenons at an incredibly low production cost. If you currently have a tenon machine and are using carbide tipped tooling, it’s high time to upgrade to new insert tooling technology and start saving on your tooling cost!  For more information, please contact GUHDO at 1-800-544-8436 or email [email protected]

Arbor Tooling for moulders and CNC machinery

double raised panel profile on HSK63F arbor

double raised panel profile on HSK63F arbor

GUHDO offers a wide range of arbors for use on CNC Routers, Machining Centers and Moulders equipped with the Powerlock feature. Depending on the machine and motor connection,  options include SK30, ISO30, HSK63F and HSK63E for CNC routers and HSK85W for Kentwood, SCM and Weinig moulders.  Arbors, especially for CNC routers and machining centers,  allow for large diameter and stacked tooling sets to be used to machine thicker materials commonly seen in the production of doors and windows and large mouldings typical in the millwork industry. The arbors are available with spindle diameters of 20, 30, 40 mm and 1-1/4” with spindle lengths from 40 mm up to 240 mm. Produced from tempered steel and thoroughly balanced, these arbors provide endless production capabilities for your CNC Router, Machining Center or Moulder. When considering arbors and tooling, it is very important to adhere to weight and diameter specifications and RPM limitations as recommended by the machine manufacturer.

For additional information, please contact GUHDO at 1-800-544-8436 or email us at [email protected]  To learn more about GUHDO, visit our website.

double sticking profile cutter set on HSK63F arbor

double sticking profile cutter set on HSK63F arbor


The drill on drill bits!

Drill Bits

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) dowel bit

While metric dimension drill bits all look quite similar to the untrained eye, there are differences in style, design and material quality that have a clear impact on tool performance, cost and your bottom line. About 20 years ago, carbide-tipped drill bits, previously manufactured for the most part in Germany and Italy, were largely replaced by the “invasion” of Chinese and Taiwanese bits offered at a 30-40% reduction in price. The adage, “you get what you pay for“, applies here just like everywhere else in life.

While the initial cost of the bit goes down, production costs actually go up as a result of shorter tool life, lower quality of edge, increase in tool changes and more panel rejects. The difference between a Taiwanese and German drill bit is quite noticeable as the German bit has a faster twist which results in quicker chip evacuation, less heat and thus, longer life, not to mention better engineering of clearance angles and tip geometry which impacts the finish quality of the cut. The German bit is King in solving applications that are prone to problems, such as laminated “disks” getting stuck in the dowel point, irregular (egg-shaped) holes, burning, premature wear and edge chipping on the hole.

Solid carbide drills have also gained popularity and are available in several of the more popular diameters. For those seeking the ultimate in quality and unbeatable performance, PCD (polycrystalline diamond) drill bits have made their debut and are the standard for composite materials! While the diamond drill bits are limited to certain sizes, they are available in Dowel, Through Hole (V-Point) and Hinge style with overall lengths of 57 and 70 mm. These high performance drill bits are ideal for drilling abrasive materials including MDF, particle board, laminates, fire resistant boards or gypsum based materials. So, if you haven’t given much thought to your drill bits, perhaps it’s time to consider the options? Interested? You can contact us and we are happy to help!

GDP|GUHDO Tooling for Flip-Flops?

This is one of our customers running a test to cut something a little unusual… GUHDO tooling is great for cutting everything from composites to foam as we can see from the video.