Advantages of our “Customize it” Insert Tooling Program for CNC Machines

DSC_1036Advantages of our “Customize-it” system include:

  • No backer plates!  Tool body becomes a dedicated cutter and supports the insert knife, thus improving tool precision!
  • Constant cutting diameter with no re-adjustment do to dimension changes in the tooling
  • Manufactured in strict accordance with European Safety Standards
  • All tool bodies are precision balanced to G2.5 specifications
  • Cost-effective!


  • Inserts can be sharpened (face-ground)
  • Special carbide grades available depending on application
  • Cost sometimes less than the cost of a carbide-tipped equivalent tool


  • Excellent tool life!
  • No lengthy lead time!


In this example of profile insert tooling, you see all the component tooling for solid wood cabinet doors. We also have insert tooling for exterior windows and doors.


The below example shows insert tooling for MDF door production,  these profiles are just examples of the many variety of tools…whether a shaker door, square corner MDF door, traditional or more contemporary profile, we produce per your exact specifications!


Interested? You can contact us at [email protected] or call us toll free at 1-800-544-8436 to receive a quote for a custom router tool!  For more information visit or check out this post.


Custom Router Tooling Program

DSC_0603GUHDO’s “Customize it!” router tooling program is among the most comprehensive and economical solutions in the industry!  We manufacture per specifications required and in most cases can deliver within a 2 week lead time thanks to custom stock bodies which are part of our popular custom profile tooling program.

custom router tooling

If your custom profile fits into one of our stock tool blank bodies (some more examples shown below), you will save time and money!  If it doesn’t fit, we can still provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your needs.  To get started, simply contact us and if possible, send along a CAD drawing or sketch of what you are trying to accomplish.  You’ll be surprised how easy the process is!

custom router tooling 2custom router tooling 6custom router tooling 5custom router tooling 4custom router tooling 3

Whether you need a custom raised panel profile, a handrail detail, a finger-joint, cabinet door profile, bull- nose, rosette, edge detail or decorative profile, chances are it fits onto one of our stock bodies!

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GDP|GUHDO History, part 2

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 12.51.17 PMRemscheid, Germany, has a world wide reputation for being the center of precision tool manufacturing. It was in this town in 1908 that brothers Gustav and Hugo Doerken founded a company to manufacture precision tools for the woodworking industry. They named their company GUHDO, a combination of their first and last name initials.

After World War II, due to the untimely deaths of both founders, the leadership of GUHDO became the responsibility of young Herbert Doerken, the son of founder, Hugo Doerken. Despite all the setbacks that occurred as a result of two world wars, under Herbert’s leadership GUHDO was able to grow and prosper. Herbert’s management philosophy was to provide quality tooling at a reasonable price, and to deliver what the customers wanted, when they wanted it! In the tooling business, Herbert may well have been the inventor of “Just in time!”.

Herbert’s management style was one of great flexibility, which allowed progress and expansion to occur almost naturally. During Herbert’s tenure, GUHDO France and GUHDO USA were established and GUHDO became a leading German exporter of industrial woodworking tools and machine knives to all continents of the world.

Herbert passed away in 1995, leaving the company to his widow. In 2005 the GUHDO group underwent a restructuring which split the GUHDO family into separate, independent entities. Despite separate ownership, the GUHDO entities work very closely together and continue a relationship that serves the overall good of their worldwide customer base.


Today, GUHDO USA has a solid position in the North American market and enjoys a loyal customer base, not only in the wood industry, but also other niche markets that require specialty cutting tool applications, such as the printed circuit board industry, teflon skiving, commutator manufacturing and others.


PCD Tools


To get an optimal economic result when using tipped tools, it’s most important to have a look at all parameters. The manufactured quality is of utmost importance.


Certain Criteria are to be considered when purchasing a Polycrystalline Diamond Tool.

  1. Exactly produced tool body, high corrosion protection
  2. Shank, borehole, cone and installation surface must be fine tuned and honed
  3. Rigid packaging for transport
  4. Dimension sheet should have exact CNC data
  5. Balancing quality grade


An all-around tool does not exist. A dealer should provide expertise and give a very specific, exactly for your needs defined, offer. Only doing it this way guarantees a most economic result when using PCD tipped tools.

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Source: VDMA Quality Guide – Perceived Value of Tools