How to Ensure your Tools are Safely Clamped in the Tool Holder

Over-tightening your collet nut can lead to collet distortion, tool runout and breakage, while not tightening enough can lead to tool slippage or worse. The best solution to avoid either scenario is to use a torque wrench which will provide an accurate torque measurement when tightening the collet nut.

Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench

The torque wrench consists of a spanner wrench handle and collet key that correlates to the collet style being used. The appropriate clamping torque recommendations for the most popular collets used in wood and plastics machining are as follows:

  • RDO35 (SYOZ25) collets 90ft/lbs
  • ER 32 collets 100 ft/lbs
  • ER 40 collets 130 ft/lbs

For more information on tool holder you might want to check out this article on the importance of using a ball bearing collet nut.  All GUHDO tool holders are bi-directional and they come with a ball bearing collet nut standard. Contact us now for more information.