Shapers and Stacked Tooling

At GDP | GUHDO , we pride ourselves in the ability to provide high quality tooling for CNC routers, panel saws, edge-banders, moulders, shapers and other woodworking machines. One of our strong capabilities is in designing exceptional stacked tooling systems, equipped with insert tooling at competitive pricing.

We offer highly accurate, balanced insert tooling for cope, stick, raised panel, outside door edge profiles and much more!

Need stacked tooling? We can supply stacked tooling to specifications per your requests. This includes availability of sets with a zero diameter , which allows quick profile changes. (shown in bottom left)

Curious about the design process? It entails punctual quotations, detailed drawings sent to you for your approval, and/or modifications, along with the confidence that your tooling will be at your door ready to perform at the agreed upon date to make your company more profitable!

Any questions? We’re always here to help!
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Stronger wood joints with Series 4070 Mitre Joint Cutter

GUHDO 4070 mitre joint insert style cutter head

GUHDO 4070 mitre joint insert style cutter head

Who doesn’t need stronger joints? GUHDO offers series 4070 insert cutter heads for producing accurate and incredibly strong, “Lock” mitre joints. This steel body insert cutter head is specifically designed for use on shapers and may also be used on other machines such as moulders and tenoners.

For shaper applications, the machining process involves two-steps.

1. Run the panel flat to the machine bed

2. Create a counter-profile which is achieved by running the panel vertical, tight to the machine fence

This two-step process together with glue and proper clamping, will create a lasting joint that is far superior to a simple 45 degree joint. This tool offers two replaceable carbide inserts and two serviceable groovers. Designed for machining material thickness of 14 mm (0.55”) to 34 mm (1.34”) and is ideal for solid woods, MDF and composite materials. The GUHDO 4070 insert cutter head is certainly an invaluable tool for any woodworking shop! For information on this product or related items such as finger or glue jointing, contact GUHDO for solutions!