New Start Up CNC Tooling Package

Need to tool up a new CNC machine?  

GDP|GUHDO has introduced a special priced CNC tooling starter package which provides a substantial savings on highest quality tooling.  This kit includes 8 HSK tool holders (choice of style based on collet style preferred (SYOZ, ER40 or ER32) and  corresponding 8 collets (choice of sizes).  In addition, the customer can select 14 solid carbide bits (4 downcut and 10 compression styles) and 10 drill bits based on sizes needed.  This package also includes a tool setup fixture, torque wrench with collet key and a spoil board cutter, which comes mounted on an heat shrink tool holder.  Finally, a box of replacement insert knives for the spoil board cutter are also included.

After receiving feedback from our customers regarding a desire for flexibility to get what is actually needed in a starter package, we customized this tooling package to allow the customer to choose which bits are needed.

This package is available at a special  price of $3499.00.

For more information, contact [email protected] or call us at 800-544-8436

8 x  HSK-F 63 Precision Tool Holders

(Made in Germany) supplied with ball bearing collet nuts (superior quality to static collet nuts).  Choice between ER32, ER40 or RDO 35/SYOZ25   collet style.

8  Collets

 Choice of collet style and size.
RDO 35 (SYOZ25), ER40 or ER32 style.

Spoilboard /  Surfacing Cutter on HSK Heat Shrink Chuck

The spoil board cutter is supplied mounted on an
HSK-F63 heat shrink tool holder.  Includes one box of replacement inserts.

Tool Setup Fixture  A tool setup fixture is essential for accurate tool setup and proper tool tightening.  It can be mounted to work bench or table.
Torque Wrench and Collet Key A torque wrench and a collet key which corresponds to the collet style being used.
Down-cut Spiral Bits (4) : Choice of 4 down-cut spiral bits  (any size 1/2″ or smaller)
Compression Spiral Bits (10) :

Choice of 10 compression style bits (any size 1/2″ or smaller), any carbide grade (for wood, composites or melamine) and chipbreaker style option if machining plywood.

TCT Drill Bits (10):     Choice of 10 drill bits of any standard diameter x 70mm overall length and choice of brad point, thru hole style or hinge boring bit.


PCD Slat Wall/T-Slot Cutter

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.18.21 AM

Expanding our extensive line up of PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tooling,  our PCD router bits specifically designed for T-Slot/Slat Wall production can be made to customer specifications to accommodate specific extrusion inserts.  The PCD cutting edges include 2-flute on the large diameter and a single flute in the neck.  Generally, the PCD bits are not re-sharpened because they lose dimension accuracy once sharpened.

If you’re currently utilizing carbide tipped slat wall tooling and you have a larger volume of slat wall to produce, changing to a PCD tool will save you a lot on tooling cost! We offer exceptional quality and reliability with competitive pricing, please contact us for more information. 

Is your CNC Machine burning material or bits?

Here are some bits our clients sent in for repair.

PCD (diamond) bits our clients sent in for repair

Have you ever experienced smoke or even worse burning during the routing process and wondered why this is happening? While friction is the cause of the problem, the root cause can be harder to identify. Feed rates, rotation speed, halts in momentum and a variety of other factors can all contribute to creating the excess friction that can destroy your bit or workpiece. This is not something we can simply ignore as burning affects the tool life, machine condition and even puts your shop at risk! Choosing the right bit for the job can help reduce some of the factors around excavating shavings at a sufficient rate. Additionally, tools like the Cyclone will help with dust/chip evacuation.   The right balance must be struck between tool design and performance expectations as well as motor speed and feed rate.  Incorrect chip load for the material being machined is the primary cause of burning bits. Halts in momentum in places like inside corners are also prone to burning due to the CNC slowing momentarily and thereby recutting chips that would have otherwise already been extracted from the cut. This is a key concern in the CNC programming of the tool path and shouldn’t be overlooked. Some bits are designed to ramp plunge only, so a straight axial descent into the material will cause burning as well. Realistically, no matter what you do, bits have a limited life span even in normal conditions and the more abrasive the material, the quicker the wear . Hard materials and abrasive composites consume bits at a much higher rate than less abrasive materials. The correct tool selection for your application, coupled with material being cut under the correct chip load will have the largest impact on your tool life.  Another consideration, when applicable, is using PCD tooling over solid carbide in many cases. Have questions? Contact us today (or 1-800-544-8436) and we’ll ensure you have the right bit for the job!

GDP|GUHDO Tooling for Flip-Flops?

This is one of our customers running a test to cut something a little unusual… GUHDO tooling is great for cutting everything from composites to foam as we can see from the video.