RAPIDO Glue Joint Insert Cutter

RAPIDO Glue Joint Cutter

RAPIDO Glue Joint Cutter

As an extension of our Rapido profile insert system we offer a standard Rapido profile insert router bit for glue joint operations. Available in a precision ground tool body with ¾” or 25 mm shank, this 2-wing profile insert router bit is designed to produce architectural style glue joints in soft and hard woods. 

Depending on the material thickness and desired profile, five standard profiles are offered. This tool is ideal for architectural moulding and door and window companies where finger joints are required for producing arched or curved profiles.

RAPIDO Glue Joint Cutter - Standard Profiles

RAPIDO Glue Joint Cutter – Standard Profiles

Reduce your tooling inventory and tooling cost substantially while improving efficiencies with a tool that offers a constant cutting diameter, economical inserts, rigid tool body construction, and an excellent finish result! Interested? Contact us today.