Precision ThermoTec Heat Shrink Tool Holder

The ThermoTec heat shrink chucks are precision balanced to 30,000RPM with a runout tolerance of .003mm (0.00012″) making them great for high torque/high speed machining. In heat shrink chucks,  collets and nuts are not used between the tool shank and tool holder creating a more evenly distributed clamping force on the shank.

ThermoTec Tool Holder

ThermoTec Tool Holder

The Thermotec is best suited as a dedicated high-precision tool holder for fully cylindrical shank tools made of solid carbide or precision steel rods. Heat shrink tool holders are designed with internal bores that are slightly smaller than the cutting tool shank. When extreme induction heat (from the heat shrink machine) is applied the tool holder bore expands allowing the shank to slip inside and as the tool cools, the bore shrinks around the shank with extreme clamping force. The Thermotec will improve a surface finish due to the exact concentricity of the cutting tool during use.  We recommend ThermoTec heat shrink chucks for use with all insert router tooling, since the tool body can remain in the chuck indefinitely, as compared to a PCD or solid carbide tool which needs to be removed from the tool holder when being sharpened.

We provide insert router tooling that is already mounted on the Thermotec at no additional cost, contact us if you’re interested.  This allows you to reap the benefits of a highly accurate tool system without the need for any additional investment in an induction unit.

Saw Blade Clamping adapters for CNC machines


HS63F saw blade adapter for CNC

GUHDO offers several clamping systems for mounting saw blades for use on CNC routers. Option one is a one-piece, integrated flange for mounting large diameter saw blades up to 400 mm (16”). The clamping flange offers an HSK63F machine connection with a flange to accept 30 mm bore saw blades. The saw blade is mounted to the flange with 8 countersunk screws. For added stability, a counter flange is available together with 8 socket head screws. This flange system offers two, “A” gauge length options of 40 or 50 mm. (Item# 39498)


longer reach CNC saw blade arbor adapter by GUHDO

Option two offers greater flexibility in terms of machine connection and increased “A” dimension for greater reach. A two-piece system that offers a saw blade flange and intermediate rings or spacers mounted on an arbor. The precision saw blade flange is designed to accept saw blade diameters up to 350 mm (14”) with a 60 mm bore and is secured with 6 countersink screws. This attachment with the countersink screws allows the saw blade to run with in close proximity to the machine bed. Depending on the “A” length desired, there are three intermediate rings or spacers available to achieve the desired overall reach. With the corresponding spacers, this allows for an “A” dimension of 100, 115, 140 or 176 mm. The greater length is ideal for machining thicker material or specialty applications commonly found in the millwork and door and window industries. Depending on the machine and motor connection, arbors are available with HSK63F, HSK63E, ISO30 and SK30 connections. Once assemble, the entire unit offers precision machining of a variety of applications and materials. Depending on the application, a variety of standard saw blades complete with the required bore and pinholes are readily available and custom blade setups are also possible.


shank-style CNC adapter for saw blade use

In addition, as a third option, there is a basic saw blade arbor adapter that has a 3/4″ or 25mm shank, which can accept saw blades up to 200mm diameter. And, of course, when the saw blade needs to run vertically, you will need an aggregate head.


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