“QuickLock” Insert Planing Cutter Head

Insert “QuickLock” planer head, GUHDO Series #4812 for use on Planers and Moulders, (Cosmec, Diehl, Griggio, Iida, Kentwood, Leadermac, Mattison, SCM, Wadkin, Weinig etc.) Manufactured with a high-quality, precision balanced steel body, this tool comes standard in 125 mm (5”) diameter with cutting widths of 80, 100, 130, 150, 180 & 230 mm. The 4-wing tool features a unique clamping and seating system that offers quick and easy knife removal/replacement while the cutterhead remains on the machine. Removal of each knife is performed by one center position bolt which is assessable from the top.
Removal of the knives is achieved as follows:


Quicklock insert planing head

-Release the pressure of the knife
-Remove/Replace the knives
-Activate the knife clamping pressure

This planer head utilizes double-sided (Centrolock) style knives which are available in either HSS or solid carbide. This tool offers excellent finish quality in all solid soft and hardwoods while offering reduced noise levels. For more information, visit our website http://guhdo.com/cutterheads-groovers/planer-moulder-cutterheads.html