A Tool as an Asset

DSC_0218The main difference between a quality saw and a less than perfect saw lies not in the outward appearance but rather in what’s below the surface. And with the ever increasing amount of different saw blades, the choices are aplenty and become more challenging.

Top Quality tools offer a high degree of technical sophistication. There are some important details that differentiate the better tools from those of lesser quality.

The quality of the materials, the technology, the workmanship and the support provided by the tool manufacturer are the factors which eventually determine whether the user will be able to perform high quality cuts with a saw blade and also how long the blade will last.


Sales figures for low-cost producers show that purchase decisions are often price-driven. Other factors, such as product quality and safety, are often merely an afterthought or only come in as a secondary consideration.

Those who make purchasing decisions based on price alone though, generally wind up paying more in the end. When one considers that the money spent on tools is only a small percentage of the total tool cost but the tool has a decisive influence on the quality of the workpiece, a high quality tool should be the right choice.

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Source: VDMA Quality Guide – Perceived Value of Tools

New Cutter for the Lamello Clamex P system – an Innovative Joinery and Clamping Connector

A new cutter is now available for the Lamello “Clamex P” system which are detailed in the the drawing.  This cutter can be supplied to fit into Lamello’s small hand-held machine and can also be mounted to an arbor to be used on a CNC machine.

Lamello "Clamex P" system - Cutter Drawing

Lamello “Clamex P” system – Cutter Drawing


To see how the new Clamex P detachable connectors from Lamello are installed with either a CNC machine or the new Zeta P2 dual purpose biscuit joiner, have a look at the video.  In it you can also learn why custom cabinet makers, closet, storage and display manufacturers, RTA furniture makers, yacht builders and other woodworking professionals are utilizing this innovative joinery and clamping connector that requires no glue or screws!  We also carries Lamello groover parts and blades, please contact us for more details.

Lamello Connectors

Lamello Connectors