Novitec – Designed for High Speed Roughing

Novitec Roughing Cutter

Novitec Roughing Cutter

The 6235 Series Novitec Roughing Bit is designed for hogging/roughing cuts using higher feed rates in a variety of applications. Great for rebating and jointing,  the Novitec bit offers a superior chip removal rate with interchangeable cutting pins. The cutting pins are re-grindable several times which makes this bit an economical choice for machining thick materials and a great choice for plywood, particleboard and composite panels.  This tool is not recommended when emphasis on superior finish is important.

Novitec Roughing Cutter Applications

Novitec Roughing Cutter Applications

The durable, high-density tool body has a series of cutting pins on the sides with a single plunge cutting tip. The standard version comes with straight cutting pins, however,  up or down shearing pins are also available.   Pins can be selected based on individual need, and can be all downshear, can be arranged in a compression style, or can be all upshear.  The helical positioning of the cutting pins ensures a high-quality cut with a fast pin exchange and no adjustment needed to keep running (Max – 24,000 RPM).

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Adjustable Insert Radius/Chamfer Router Bit

The 6975 Series as a multi-purpose, adjustable insert router bit which is uniquely designed for radius and chamfer cuts on both the top and bottom edges of various materials and thicknesses including particle board and MDF as well as soft and hard woods.  The 6975 Series is designed to provide the benefits of carbide with the cost savings of insert tooling.

Depending on the desired profile and material thickness, this insert router bit is available in two versions. Tool No. 1 is available for standard material thicknesses of 5/8”, ¾”, 1” & 1-1/4”. The larger tool No. 2 is available for material thicknesses up to 2” +. To adjust the inserts,  loosen the screws and move the inserts up or down to accommodate the desired material thickness. Once located, simply tighten the screws!

6975 - Round Over and Bevel Cutter for 19-34 mm

6975 – Round Over and Bevel Cutter for 19-34 mm

6975 - Round Over and Bevel Cutter for 35-56 mm

6975 – Round Over and Bevel Cutter for 35-56 mm

Standard profile inserts are available for beveling and corner rounding on the top, bottom or both sides of the material. In addition, blank inserts are available to produce a wide range of special profiles as shown below. With our in-house grinding service, we offer quick turnaround on special profiles.

Sample Profiles

Sample Profiles

Reduce your tooling inventory and tooling cost substantially while improving efficiencies with a tool that offers a constant cutting diameter, economical inserts, rigid tool body construction and provides an excellent finish result!

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