New Start Up CNC Tooling Package

Need to tool up a new CNC machine?  

GDP|GUHDO has introduced a special priced CNC tooling starter package which provides a substantial savings on highest quality tooling.  This kit includes 8 HSK tool holders (choice of style based on collet style preferred (SYOZ, ER40 or ER32) and  corresponding 8 collets (choice of sizes).  In addition, the customer can select 14 solid carbide bits (4 downcut and 10 compression styles) and 10 drill bits based on sizes needed.  This package also includes a tool setup fixture, torque wrench with collet key and a spoil board cutter, which comes mounted on an heat shrink tool holder.  Finally, a box of replacement insert knives for the spoil board cutter are also included.

After receiving feedback from our customers regarding a desire for flexibility to get what is actually needed in a starter package, we customized this tooling package to allow the customer to choose which bits are needed.

This package is available at a special  price of $3499.00.

For more information, contact [email protected] or call us at 800-544-8436

8 x  HSK-F 63 Precision Tool Holders

(Made in Germany) supplied with ball bearing collet nuts (superior quality to static collet nuts).  Choice between ER32, ER40 or RDO 35/SYOZ25   collet style.

8  Collets

 Choice of collet style and size.
RDO 35 (SYOZ25), ER40 or ER32 style.

Spoilboard /  Surfacing Cutter on HSK Heat Shrink Chuck

The spoil board cutter is supplied mounted on an
HSK-F63 heat shrink tool holder.  Includes one box of replacement inserts.

Tool Setup Fixture  A tool setup fixture is essential for accurate tool setup and proper tool tightening.  It can be mounted to work bench or table.
Torque Wrench and Collet Key A torque wrench and a collet key which corresponds to the collet style being used.
Down-cut Spiral Bits (4) : Choice of 4 down-cut spiral bits  (any size 1/2″ or smaller)
Compression Spiral Bits (10) :

Choice of 10 compression style bits (any size 1/2″ or smaller), any carbide grade (for wood, composites or melamine) and chipbreaker style option if machining plywood.

TCT Drill Bits (10):     Choice of 10 drill bits of any standard diameter x 70mm overall length and choice of brad point, thru hole style or hinge boring bit.


Insert Knives – Quick and Competitively Priced!

GUHDO manufactures carbide insert knives on state-of-the-art profile grinding equipment which guarantees repeatability and accuracy every time!  Our carbide blanks are available in a variety of carbide grades, some designed for solid woods and others better for composites.  Choosing the right grade can impact tool life and finish so be sure to mention what material you are cutting and allow us to use our 30 years of expertise to optimize your tool life.

Selection of solid carbide insert knives

Selection of solid carbide insert knives

Whether you’re producing complex moulding profiles, simple round-overs, cope and stick, raised panel,  tongue and groove profiles, or, if your cutterhead manufacturer has gone out of business (LRH, DeHart Tooling etc. ),  GUHDO will duplicate the inserts you need!   For the right edgebander replacement inserts, or for ones that you are having difficulty finding, simply contact us or give us a call at 800-544-8436.


Vari-Angle Cutter Options


GUHDO vari-angle insert cutter


CNC insert vari-angle cutter

For those in need of cutting a variety of different angles, GUHDO has some options. We offer a versatile insert cutter head that is ideal for jointing and producing a variation of angles. Manufactured from light alloy, this 2-wing tool may be used on shapers, moulders and tenoners. It offers two, tiltable cutting apparatuses that are adjustable up or down 90 degrees. To achieve the desired angle, simply locate positions 1 and 2 located on the top of the cutter head. With the use of a T-Wrench, insert into position 1 to unlock, then position 2 to tilt each apparatus (up or down) to the desired location. Once the angle is achieved, go to position 1 to lock into place. A Vernier scale is located on each cutting segment to assure an accurate location of the chosen angle. This series is available in three diameters, 160, 170 and 200 mm and three cutting widths of 50, 60 and 80 mm. These cutterheads accept standard, double sided inserts, making this tool extremely cost effective!
In addition, for CNC routing applications we feature a similar system, series #4099. The 4099 is a steel body, also ideal for jointing, rebating and producing a variety of angles. With two tiltable cutting segments that are adjustable up 45 degree and down 90 degree. A Vernier scale is located on each cutter making adjustments quick and accurate. Adjustments are made with the use of an Allen wrench, unlocking two clamping bolts, and once the desired angle is located, simply lock into place. Available in two diameters of 85 and 110 mm with cutting capacities of 40 & 50 mm width respectively. Each tool is designed to accept standard, double sided inserts, making this multi-purpose tool and invaluable asset for any woodworking company!

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