Custom Profile Tooling from Concept to Completion

Custom CNC Tool with Drawing

Custom CNC Tool with Drawing

Custom Profile Insert Tooling is a Snap!  

From concept to completion, the process can take as little as 2 weeks!  Once we have a profile sample or drawing (even a dimensioned sketch) of what our customer wants to do, our expert tooling engineers get to work on designing the appropriate tool and preparing a production drawing which is then emailed to the customer for final detail approval.

Our custom tooling is all manufactured to strict European Safety Standards, feature precision ground tool bodies, dynamically balanced and we select the best carbide grade inserts for the material that a cutter is destined to cut, an additional step that guarantees exceptional cutting tool performance.  When compared to a carbide-tipped profile tool of the same dimensions, custom tooling is very competitively priced.   For more information on our custom tooling program, contact us or call us today at 800-544-8436 You can also visit our website for more information.

Custom Router Bit with Drawing

Custom Router Bit with Drawing

“Unique” shaper / stacked tooling

GUHDO is well known for providing high quality tooling for CNC routers, panel saws, edge banders and other woodworking machines. The company is also well versed in producing stacked tooling systems (insert style) for the line of wood-working machines offered by Unique Machine & Tool Co.   Whether your machine has a single, double spindle or has an arbor to accommodate stacked tooling, consider allowing GUHDO to partner with on your next tooling requirements . We offers highly accurate, balanced insert tooling for cope, stick, raised panel and outside door edge profiles. Stacked tooling sets are supplied per customer specifications, including sets with a zero diameter (as shown below) allowing for incredibly quick profile changes. The tool design process provides  punctual quotations, detailed drawings for approval, and the confidence that your tooling will arrive in a timely manner, ready to make your company profitable! For more information you can contact us with a brief description and attached drawings or give us a call at 800-544-8436.

Unique Custom Tooling

Custom Tooling



Regular replacement of collets should be considered part of good machine maintenance as the condition of your collets will directly reflect upon the tool life as well as quality of finish on your product. Collets that are worn and dirty will create vibration during the cutting process.

CNC Machine Collets

Inspect your cutting tools to see if collet marks are visible on the shank. If so, that is an indication of vibration occurring during the cut and it is time to replace your collet. Although, the vibration can also stem from an imbalanced collet nut or tool holder.


Did you know that in addition to the standard collets with a tolerance of 0.5 mm, GUHDO also offers Premium collets with a tolerance of 0.15 mm?!

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 2.26.56 PM

For more information see our webpage at

Advantages of our “Customize it” Insert Tooling Program for CNC Machines

DSC_1036Advantages of our “Customize-it” system include:

  • No backer plates!  Tool body becomes a dedicated cutter and supports the insert knife, thus improving tool precision!
  • Constant cutting diameter with no re-adjustment do to dimension changes in the tooling
  • Manufactured in strict accordance with European Safety Standards
  • All tool bodies are precision balanced to G2.5 specifications
  • Cost-effective!


  • Inserts can be sharpened (face-ground)
  • Special carbide grades available depending on application
  • Cost sometimes less than the cost of a carbide-tipped equivalent tool


  • Excellent tool life!
  • No lengthy lead time!


In this example of profile insert tooling, you see all the component tooling for solid wood cabinet doors. We also have insert tooling for exterior windows and doors.


The below example shows insert tooling for MDF door production,  these profiles are just examples of the many variety of tools…whether a shaker door, square corner MDF door, traditional or more contemporary profile, we produce per your exact specifications!


Interested? You can contact us at [email protected] or call us toll free at 1-800-544-8436 to receive a quote for a custom router tool!  For more information visit or check out this post.