Z-Mill – Designed for High Feed Rates

The Z-Mill high shear PCD (polycrystalline diamond) router bit is designed for running at high feed speeds while still providing an excellent finish quality. This tool is supplied with a high-density steel tool body and depending on the cutting diameter, is offered with either 2 or 3 cutting wings.  What sets this high-performance PCD bit apart from the rest is the 20-degree position of the cutting tips.

High Shear PCD Router Bit - Z-Mill

High Shear PCD Router Bit – Z-Mill

The high shear angle provides an excellent finish and the durability of the diamond will lead to cost savings when compared to solid carbide over the life of the tool. The Z-Mill is well suited for cutting a variety of materials including MDF, Chipboard, Laminated materials, and both hard and soft wood. The high shear angle offers the benefit of reduced cutting pressure and promises improved results, especially when exiting the material which many times leads to “blow out” . The performance of this tool in terms of speed and finish quality is truly unmatched.

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