Heat Shrink Toolholder – Free Mounting with Insert Tool Purchase!

Heat Shrink Chuck

Heat Shrink Chuck

The Heat Shrink Tool Holder offers some substantial benefits when compared to standard HSK-63F tool holders. A Heat Shrink chuck creates a more uniform, rigid connection between the CNC machine and the tool resulting in less vibration and a noticeably faster and smoother cut.

Here are some of the major benefits:

– One piece tool holder with no additional parts (nut/collets)

– Extremely tight tolerance 0.003mm & balancing properties

– High clamping force (~10,000 lbs) and rigidity

– improved tolerance equates to improved finish quality and longer tool life

– Slim design, ideal for 5-axis machines and tight routing conditions

heat shrink tool chuck expanding

Heat Shrink Chuck Expanding

Heat Shrink Chuck Cooling

Heat Shrink Chuck Cooling

Wondering how shrink fit tool holders work? The receiving end of the tool holder is heated with an electric heating induction machine.

This causes the steel body  to expand, allowing for the insertion of the tool shank. Once the tool shank has been inserted the heating element is turned off allowing the steel to cool and “shrink” around the shank of the tool. To remove the tool, just repeat the process.

Because of the need for an induction heating element to change tools, many companies will find this system not ideal for using solid carbide tools. However, we offer this service for FREE when you purchase a Heat Shrink tool holder with any of our standard or custom insert tools.

This system is ideal for longer life tools like PCD and insert tools due to the fact you do not have to remove the tool from the tool holder to change out the knives.  With PCD tooling, if you utilize our sharpening service you can send the tool in with tool holder intact, we will take care of the rest.

 Are you interested in maximizing the precision in your shop? Contact us for more information on the Heat Shrink tool holders.

Precision ThermoTec Heat Shrink Tool Holder

The ThermoTec heat shrink chucks are precision balanced to 30,000RPM with a runout tolerance of .003mm (0.00012″) making them great for high torque/high speed machining. In heat shrink chucks,  collets and nuts are not used between the tool shank and tool holder creating a more evenly distributed clamping force on the shank.

ThermoTec Tool Holder

ThermoTec Tool Holder

The Thermotec is best suited as a dedicated high-precision tool holder for fully cylindrical shank tools made of solid carbide or precision steel rods. Heat shrink tool holders are designed with internal bores that are slightly smaller than the cutting tool shank. When extreme induction heat (from the heat shrink machine) is applied the tool holder bore expands allowing the shank to slip inside and as the tool cools, the bore shrinks around the shank with extreme clamping force. The Thermotec will improve a surface finish due to the exact concentricity of the cutting tool during use.  We recommend ThermoTec heat shrink chucks for use with all insert router tooling, since the tool body can remain in the chuck indefinitely, as compared to a PCD or solid carbide tool which needs to be removed from the tool holder when being sharpened.

We provide insert router tooling that is already mounted on the Thermotec at no additional cost, contact us if you’re interested.  This allows you to reap the benefits of a highly accurate tool system without the need for any additional investment in an induction unit.

Deep Mortise Insert Bit in Thermotec Heat-shrink Tool Holder

Deep pocket insert mortise bit on Thermotec HSK tool holder

Deep pocket insert mortise bit on Thermotec HSK tool holder

Tool and clamping accuracy is essential to minimize runout with all cutting tool applications, but in particular with very long cutting tools as shown below. The further you move from the clamping source, the more pronounced the runout becomes.  Shown here is a deep pocket insert mortise bit with an overall length of 170mm (6.7″) mounted on a thermal heat shrink chuck with an accuracy of .003mm (.00012″). The mortise bit tool body is manufactured using a high-density special metal, which reduces the risk of breakage and guarantees a vibration free cut without tool deflection. The Thermotec tool holder is a high tech tool holder, precision balanced to run up to 30,000 rpm. Short and slim in design with an “A” dimension (measured from the top of the HSK shoulder to the bottom of the tool holder), of 75mm.

Thermotec heat shrink tool holders come in both HSK63F and HSK63E versions, in diameters ranging from 8mm to 25 mm. Heat shrink tool holders represent one of the most accurate solutions for cutting tool applications. For more information you can contact us at 800-544-8436