CNC Aggregate Tooling

GUHDO CNC Aggregate head

CNC Aggregate Head

Guhdo vgroove cutter

V-grooving cutter drawing

Aggregate heads expand the capabilities of your CNC router.  An aggregate head attaches to the router spindle in similar fashion as your tool holder does.  An intricate inside mechanism converts the spindle output of the aggregate head to perform applications such as horizontal, or angled cutting and drilling.   If you have a CNC machine and need horizontal or angled cutting ability, our selection of precision German-made aggregate heads will give you options for sawing, routing, drilling, planing and more.

We offer a wide variety of saw blades for grooving and sawing, complete with the required counter-sunk holes for mounting on an aggregate head connection.  Specialized tooling, including disposable insert and PCD (polycrystalline diamond) is also available. Specialized tooling available but not limited to are V-Folding cutter heads, cutter heads for Bead Board production and grooving heads for the Lamello Clamex P system. If you are looking to maximize your aggregate production, contact GDP GUHDO for solutions!

Cutting Rebates or Shallow Grooves? Save Money with this Insert Rebate Cutter

6219 Series Insert Rebate Cutter

6219 Series Insert Rebate Cutter

Does your CNC machining process call for cutting rebates or shallow grooves? Our 6219 Series Insert Router Bit is designed to provide the benefits of carbide with the cost savings of insert tooling.  This 1+1 flute tool offers a dedicated down shear plunging insert, and a main cutting insert that produces an excellent finish on laminate, hardwoods and coated surfaces.  This bit is especially suitable for grooving, rebating and cuts in door production with hinge and lock pockets, face plates, fixing straps for floor sealings, etc.

6219 - Edge

6219 – Edge

6219 Series Insert Router Bit

6219 Series Insert Router Bit

The 6219 Series Insert Router Bit comes in a range of sizes (16-24mm Diameter) and may be used with a replaceable shank system which is available in various metric and inch dimensional sizes:

  • One straight, 4-sided insert knife and one reversible insert tip for plunge cutting
  • Great for rebating and grooving producing a clean surface finish
  • Produces a clean finish on laminate, hardwood and coated surfaces

Reduce your tooling inventory and tooling cost substantially while improving efficiencies with a tool that offers a constant cutting diameter, economical inserts, rigid tool body construction and excellent finish results! Interested in more information? Give us a call at 1-800-544-8436 or contact us now!