Insert Knives – Quick and Competitively Priced!

GUHDO manufactures carbide insert knives on state-of-the-art profile grinding equipment which guarantees repeatability and accuracy every time!  Our carbide blanks are available in a variety of carbide grades, some designed for solid woods and others better for composites.  Choosing the right grade can impact tool life and finish so be sure to mention what material you are cutting and allow us to use our 30 years of expertise to optimize your tool life.

Selection of solid carbide insert knives

Selection of solid carbide insert knives

Whether you’re producing complex moulding profiles, simple round-overs, cope and stick, raised panel,  tongue and groove profiles, or, if your cutterhead manufacturer has gone out of business (LRH, DeHart Tooling etc. ),  GUHDO will duplicate the inserts you need!   For the right edgebander replacement inserts, or for ones that you are having difficulty finding, simply contact us or give us a call at 800-544-8436.


Diamond and Insert Trimmers for Edgebanders


Shown here is a diamond tipped premill edgeband cutter (in the back), a carbide insert radius trim cutter on the right, and a selection of insert knives for HolzHer, Biesse and other edgebanders.

GUHDO offers a wide range of tooling for most edgebanders, to include straight and radius trimmers and their replacement inserts, snip saws, and diamond (pcd) premill cutters.  Our PCD tools are manufactured per specifications of the original OEM for all edgebander makes and models including Adwood, Biesse (Polymac/Stream), Brandt, Bussellato, Casadei, Cehisa, Fravol, HolzHer, Homag, Olympic, SCMI, Stefani, Delmac, IDM, Griggio and IMA. When it comes to the PCD (polycrystalline diamond) tooling on the trimming units, GUHDO offers a complete replacement tool program. Depending on the application the tools available are straight, bevel, radius, multi-radius and combination radius/bevel cutter heads.


Radius Insert Cutter for Edgebander

We offer a full service center for these and other PCD tooling, regardless of brand. For information on these cutter heads or other tooling for your edgebander, please contact us for solutions! For the most common edgebander replacement knives, please visit here.


Straight insert trimming cutter for Edgebander

PCD Premill Cutters for Edgebanding Machines

Biesse premill E3401E0136

Diamond-tipped premill cutter for Biesse Edgebander.

PCD (polycrystalline diamond) premill cutters are often the “forgotten” tool on an edgebander. They may run for a year or more without needing to be sharpened and so noone thinks much about them until they get dull. More often than not, when that time comes, the customer is scrambling to find a quick replacement because without the premill heads, the machine is down. Because of the cost of diamond premill cutters, only a small percentage of edgebander owners have a backup set on the shelf! (depending on machine they can be $1000-$2200 cost per cutter)
GUHDO has a 24-48 hour guaranteed turnaround for PCD premill cutter sharpening (when pre-arranged), so we can get our customers back “up and running” without unnecessary delay. In addition, for the more popular edgebander models we have carbide insert “loaner” tools that can be used while waiting for a new diamond cutter to arrive.
Another thing to consider: many premill cutters that come with a new machine are designed as a “disposable” tool, making more than one resharpening highly unlikely. Pictured below is a PCD premill cutter for a Biesse Akron edgebander, #E3401E0136.
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Edgebander Replacement Tooling

Edgebander  Insert Tooling

Edgebander Insert Tooling


Finding Edgebander replacement tooling is not always an easy task.  With the large selection of edgebander makes and models in operation, it can be difficult for your tooling supplier to identify exactly what you need.

GUHDO has specialized in edgebander replacement tooling for over 28 years and we stocks all popular size replacement saw blades and insert knives for Biesse (Akron, Polymac, Stream), SCM (Stefani, Idimatic, IDM), Fravol, IMA, Brandt, HolzHer, Homag and many others.

Straight and radius inserts, scrape knives, straight and radius cutters and PCD premill cutters are included in our comprehensive tooling program. PCD cutters are serviced in-house with a one week turnaround at our full service sharpening and insert grinding center.

For more information contact us or give us a call at 1-800-544-8436!