Carbide-tipped blind-hole or through-hole dowel drills are among the most indispensable tools in the furniture industry. When used in automatic boring machines or CNC machining centers, hole edge quality and tool life are the decisive quality criteria.


Ideal features include:

  1. Quality: Brazing and Transition from the T.C. Head to body
  2. Tolerances: Shank and clamoing flat
  3. Geometry: Negative spurs: T.C. grade and body material
  4. Coating: Thin Teflon coating


Always purchase drills from a competent specialist dealer or the manufacturer. You will gain an economic advantage while also receiving excellent quality and having access to a person with knowledge and expertise in the subject matter. Aside from that, purchasing from a reputable company will also ensure that you always receive technically leading products as they are the first to know about tooling advances.

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