Vari-Angle Insert Cutter Head

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The 4058 Vari-Angle Insert Cutter Head is a versatile tool that’s invaluable for any custom woodworking facility, especially moulding and millwork shops. This tool is like no other insert cutter-head on the market and it’s used on a number of machines including shapers, tenoners and moulders. What makes this tool truly unique is its ability to joint at 90 degree producing a wide range of angles, hence the term, “Vari-Angle”.  Manufactured from lightweight aluminum, this tool offers ease of handling and angle adjustment, and is something no wood shop should be without! Great solution for a range of different edge bevels and angled cuts.  The Vari-Angle Cutter Head is produced with two tilting apparatus heads allowing the cutter head to be adjusted to produce varying angles (up or down) from 0 –  90 degree. This is achieved by the use of a simple wrench, turning an inner gearbox that allows the precise adjustment to the desired angle.

Vari-Angle Cutter Head - Adjustable Angle

Vari-Angle Cutter Head – Adjustable Angle

Once the angle is located, the wrench is then used to securely and accurately lock the tilting heads into place. The precise location of the angle is confirmed through a vernier scale located on the cutter head. In most cases, the simplicity and location of the adjustment gearbox allows the cutter head to be adjusted while still on the machine! The tool is available in diameters ranging from 110mm and 170mm and depending on the model, has a cutting capacity of 40, 50, 60 and 80 mm.   The adjustable vari-angle cutter uses standard reversible carbide insert knives making it an extremely economical tool to operate.   Please contact us for more information.

High Speed PCD Jointing/Premill Cutter Head

PCD Premill Cutterhead

PCD Premill Cutterhead

We have a wide range of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) jointing /premill cutter heads for a variety of edgebanders,  including Biesse, Brandt, Cehisa, Holzher, Homag, SCM and Stefani. For demanding or high speed applications, we offer a PCD jointing/premill cutter head that provides impressive results.

These high performance PCD cutter heads are available to fit most machines and are available in diameters of 100 and 125 mm with cutting widths of 25, 35, 48 and 65mm. Manufactured with a full three wing design, these cutter heads promise excellent results due to the positioning of the cutting tips at much higher shear angles. This design allows for improved feed speeds up to 45m/m (145’/m) providing excellent finish qualities and extended tool life.

We also offer full service PCD sharpening with a rapid turn-around time. For information on PCD premill tooling, PCD sharpening or the new high performance cutter head options, please contact GDP|GUHDO today.

PCD Premill Cutterhead Side

PCD Premill Cutterhead Side