Regular replacement of collets should be considered part of good machine maintenance as the condition of your collets will directly reflect upon the tool life as well as quality of finish on your product. Collets that are worn and dirty will create vibration during the cutting process.

CNC Machine Collets

Inspect your cutting tools to see if collet marks are visible on the shank. If so, that is an indication of vibration occurring during the cut and it is time to replace your collet. Although, the vibration can also stem from an imbalanced collet nut or tool holder.


Did you know that in addition to the standard collets with a tolerance of 0.5 mm, GUHDO also offers Premium collets with a tolerance of 0.15 mm?!

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Looking for ETS Style Collets for your CMS Machine?

BT 30 Collet Chuck

BT 30 Collet Chuck

ETS Style collets for CMS routers are becoming more difficult to find and are very expensive to buy.  We have BT30 and BT35 tool holders for both machine brands that take standard ER collets….a much lower cost collet to replace. These tool holders come with a ball bearing collet nut, so they can be run in LH or RH rotation.  Don’t want to replace the entire tool holder?  Then you can also convert to ER style collets by simply replacing the collet nut on your existing tool holder.  ER collets are generally about 1/3 the cost of an ETS collet and much easier to source.

BT 30 Tool Holder

BT 30 Tool Holder

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BT Tool Holder for Heian and Shoda CNC Machines

BT Tool Holder for CMS Machine