Insert Glue Joint Cutter for CNC Routers


Rapido Glue Joint Cutter

GDP GUHDO has a standard insert router bits for Glue Joint applications as part of our Customize-It Program. If your shop uses glue joints with solid wood production, this may be an ideal solution to save both time and money while also reducing your solid wood material waste.

Our Customize-It Program provides standard profile insert router bits that are specifically designed for producing tight, architectural glue joints in soft and hard woods. Depending on the material, material thickness and application, we offer five standard profiles to suite your needs off the shelf. Each profile offers typical glue joint profiles with different pitch and finger lengths. Nonadjustable tool options for material thickness range from ¾” up to 1-1/2”. For thicker material, an adjustable tool option for material thickness of 2” up to 3-1/4” is also available.

Standard replaceable profile inserts assures the integrity and repeatability of these critically important joints. These tools are ideal for any size facility including manufacturers of doors, windows, cabinets or millwork facilities. For additional information, contact GDP GUHDO.

Standard Rapido Profiles

Standard Rapido Profiles