Clamping Systems

Clamping Systems are a decisive link between a tool and the machine spindle. Tool life and attainable work piece quality, but also safety are significantly influenced by clamping systems.


Ideally the clamping system should be:

  1. of low weight
  2. of low imbalance
  3. compliant with the norm
  4. made of high quality steel


Clamping technology assumes a key position with regard to machining quality and safety technology. Considering that the purchase of clamping systems is a matter of trust, it is recommendable to rely on products of well known manufacturers and to take detailed advise from sharp tooling experts!

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New Cutter for the Lamello Clamex P system – an Innovative Joinery and Clamping Connector

A new cutter is now available for the Lamello “Clamex P” system which are detailed in the the drawing.  This cutter can be supplied to fit into Lamello’s small hand-held machine and can also be mounted to an arbor to be used on a CNC machine.

Lamello "Clamex P" system - Cutter Drawing

Lamello “Clamex P” system – Cutter Drawing


To see how the new Clamex P detachable connectors from Lamello are installed with either a CNC machine or the new Zeta P2 dual purpose biscuit joiner, have a look at the video.  In it you can also learn why custom cabinet makers, closet, storage and display manufacturers, RTA furniture makers, yacht builders and other woodworking professionals are utilizing this innovative joinery and clamping connector that requires no glue or screws!  We also carries Lamello groover parts and blades, please contact us for more details.

Lamello Connectors

Lamello Connectors