GDP | GUHDO has introduced a new generation PCD Router Bit which provides excellent tool life and superior finish on a wide range of materials from particleboard, MDF, melamine to phenolic and other composite panels. This two flute opposite shear design on a solid carbide tool body runs exceptionally quiet and provides excellent finish top and bottom on double sided panels.  Suitable for nesting operation and feed speeds +/- 500”/min.   The solid tip design insures aconsistent smooth edge.  To maximize tool life, ordering this tool on an HSK Heat Shrink Tool Holder can increase life up to 30%.  Sizes are available from 8mm to 1/2″.


Corrugated Knife Adapter for CNC

GDP | GUHDO offers a cost-effective solution for prototypes and small runs. This corrugated head adapter (Series 4524) comes in 40, 60 and 80mm width and is supplied on an HSK-F63 heat shrink tool holder for use with 5/16″ corrugated knives.  Total weight, including knives and tool holder as shown is less than 7 pounds.  The carrier body is steel, a prerequisite for safety since the corrugations machined into an aluminum head would eventually wear out and knives could become dislodged.  For more information, contact GDP at 800-544-8436

Guillotine Knives for Biesse bander


Biesse HSS guillotine / mobile knife is now available from stock.  Item #E0814E0401, this knife measures 90×49.5x9mm.  For price, please contact [email protected]

PCD Router Bits for Abrasive Composite Materials

Machining composite materials often represents a challenge with standard tooling.  Special cutting geometries are required to perfect the finish on very abrasive, hard to machine materials such as HDF, fire-rated MDF,  Thermoplastics, Phenolics,  fiberglass-reinforced plastic composites, cement fiber panels and other similar composite panels.   GDP | GUHDO has introduced some standard PCD tipped tooling  to machine such challenging materials, available from stock.  These router bits feature solid carbide bodies and 2 continuous PCD tipped flutes that are positioned on opposing axial shear with PCD bottom cutting to provide cleanest finish.   Very suitable for nesting applications.  Typical machining parameters for Thermoplastics are 15,000-18,000 rpm and a feed rate range between 1 – 5 meters / minute.  For other composite panels 18,000-24,000 and  6-9 meters / minute.  If too much heat is generated while cutting plastics, the rpm should be reduced to maximize tool life and performance.

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