HSK63-F Hydro Chuck for CNC Machines


HS63F hydro chuck by GUHDO

While heat-shrink and power shrink tool holders improve accuracy and increase tool life, the investment in additional accessories required to mount and remove the tool from the holder often makes it cost prohibitive for the smaller shop. A great alternative is an HSK hydro clamping chuck. Precision balanced to 25,000 rpm, the tempered and ground tool holder will provide higher clamping precision than a standard collet and nut are able to since it grips the tool shank absolutely concentrically over the full length of the shaft.

The use of a hydro clamping chuck will improve tool life (less compounded tolerances from collet and nut) as well as the surface finish.  The chuck features a hexagon screw that, when installing a tool, is tightened to the “stop” point. The clamping piston forces the hydraulic medium in the expansion chamber to increase pressure, which first centers the tool shaft and then tightens it securely and accurately for a very solid and secure connection.  They are great choices for cutting composites and other materials that require a precision machining environment.


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