GDP|GUHDO Tool Holders can be Run Bi-Directional

Static nut (left) and Ball Bearing collet nut (right)

Static nut (left) and Ball Bearing collet nut (right)

Need to run a tool counter-clockwise and think you need a left-hand tool holder? Not necessarily! In case you didn’t know, ball-bearing collet nuts on HSK/ISO toolholders make the need for a left-hand tool holder obsolete! And if you are not sure if you are using collet nuts with a ball bearing, the attached photo shows the difference. The one on the right is a two-piece construction which houses the ball bearing. The one on the left is a simple static nut that cannot be run in a counter clockwise rotation and for which you need a complete new tool holder since the threads on the tool holder would not allow you to just change out the nut.

Another advantage of ball bearing collet nuts on your tool holders is the elimination of tool slippage problems. All GUHDO tool holders are all Made in Germany with the ball bearing collet nut included.

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