Deep Mortise Insert Bit in Thermotec Heat-shrink Tool Holder

Deep pocket insert mortise bit on Thermotec HSK tool holder

Deep pocket insert mortise bit on Thermotec HSK tool holder

Tool and clamping accuracy is essential to minimize runout with all cutting tool applications, but in particular with very long cutting tools as shown below. The further you move from the clamping source, the more pronounced the runout becomes. ¬†Shown here is a deep pocket insert mortise bit with an overall length of 170mm (6.7″) mounted on a thermal heat shrink chuck with an accuracy of .003mm (.00012″). The mortise bit tool body is manufactured using a high-density special metal, which reduces the risk of breakage and guarantees a vibration free cut without tool deflection. The Thermotec tool holder is a high tech tool holder, precision balanced to run up to 30,000 rpm. Short and slim in design with an “A” dimension (measured from the top of the HSK shoulder to the bottom of the tool holder), of 75mm.

Thermotec heat shrink tool holders come in both HSK63F and HSK63E versions, in diameters ranging from 8mm to 25 mm. Heat shrink tool holders represent one of the most accurate solutions for cutting tool applications. For more information you can contact us at 800-544-8436

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