The rating of cutters not only depends on superficial quality characteristics but also on the suitable design for the cutter which is very decisive for the respective application. Tools that are economically priced at first sight, can be rather expensive in the application, as they often don’t provide the expected machining quality or they are too detailed or inaccurate in handling.


  1. Round shape tooling reduces the free running noise.  
  2. Balance-borings are visible quality characteristics
  3. Sharp edges produce a finish-surface without grinding
  4. With the correct coating, the performance time can be at least doubled
  5. The thickness of the cutting edge considerably specifies the number of re-grindings.


Always pay attention to form, shape and edge of the cutting tool. Through the use of round shape tools, one can reduce the noise level. Selecting the proper cutting material, and/or coating material will almost always lead to an economically improved tool.



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