Center Plug for HSK63F, HSK63E & HSK50F Tool Holders


dust plug for HSK63F tool holder

Typically, HSK chucks are supplied with a hole through the interior of the cone. The hole is designed to help aid in the release of the chuck from the motor housing. For some customers who are having concerns about contamination and/or dust entering into the motor, there is a solution! GUHDO offers an inexpensive “Plug” that can be quickly installed. Once inserted, the plug becomes integrated with the chuck and will not affect the integrity of the chuck, motor or tooling. This is an inexpensive, simple and easy solution! As a reminder, it is recommended to thoroughly clean your chucks, collet nuts and collets on a regular basis…………………remembering to install NEW collets (ER25, ER32, ER40, SYOZ25 & RDO35) every 500 machine hours!

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dust plug for HSK tool holder

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