New Planing Cutter With Optional Chamfer/Radius Knives

GDP| GUHDO offers an insert planing cutter head for moulders. This unique, multi-functional cutter head is ideal for planing and has the ability to house profile knife attachments.

The planer cutter capabilities:

  • Produce an edge radius
  • Produce an edge chamfer
  • Radius and chamfer location can be adjusted
  • Produce shallow grooves

The Tool Features:

  • Steel body construction
  • QuickLock system for fast knife removal (no hassle with screws)
  • Two cutting wing design
  • Superior finish with soft and hard woods
  • Ability to use double sided knives (carbide and HSS)

Tool Dimensions:

  • Available widths of 130,180,240 mm
  • Adjustable Radius knives of 2-10 mm
  • 45 degree chamfer knives

This tool is available with standard bore options (metric and inch dimensional) as well HSK 85-W interface for Weinig Powermat machines.



At GDP|GUHDO, we have put our resources together to provide a comprehensive CNC Tooling Guide. This guide is designed to provide the knowledge to support the most efficient use of your CNC tooling.  We want to put the information into your hands any way that you can use it, so we also have a downloadable link to a PDF version of the presentation here.

Below is a directory for both the video presentation and the PDF presentation.

Topic Slide # Time
Introduction to CNC Tooling 1-7  0:00
Tool Holders and Clamping Systems 8-22  3:37
Drill Bits and Adapters 23-26  10:11
Sizing Jointing Rebates, Dado Cuts and Grooving 27-47 11:30
Other Common CNC Tooling 48-53 22:57
Material Specific Tooling 54-63  25:52
Profile and Custom Tooling 64-68 28:54
Saw Blade and Grooving Adapters 69-72  31:33
Other Tool Tips 73-80  32:32


Surfacing Tool With Superior Finish Quality

Now in stock:  A surface planing cutter (Fourcut™) that provides an excellent quality, smooth surface finish!  Specifically designed for applications such as MDF shaker doors and other surface planing requirements in solid wood or MDF,  the Fourcut™ is one of the best economical hardware and tools for production needs where impeccable finish is a MUST!

GDP|Guhdo’s New Fourcut™ Planer

This cutter is engineered with carbide insert knives (PCD Diamond insert knives optional!) that feature special geometry to facilitate a fuzz free finish.  Inserts are 4 sided, providing 4 separate cycles for economical machining cost.  Since old collets or poor quality tool holders can affect the performance of this tool, we highly recommend purchasing on an HSK heat shrink tool holder for exceptional results!

Two Options Available: A 40 mm 3 wing cutter is available from stock, with an 80mm diameter tool also available as a standard when larger surfaces require top quality finish.

If using this for shaker door production, additional passes are required with separate router bits for achieving the square corner effect since a 20mm radius will remain needing corner cleanup.

Both options are manufactured with high quality steel, precision balanced and Made in Germany!

Regardless of your surfacing application the Fourcut™ will maximize your run-time without sacrificing finish. For applications that require longer run-times, the PCD option is a great alternative!

Surfacing Planer for CNC – when you need a better surface finish!


3 wing carbide insert spoilboard / surface planing cutter

GUHDO introduces FOURCUT, a surfacing planer for use on CNC routers when the spoilboard cutter finish isn’t quite good enough! While most flat table machines typically have a surface planing cutter to clean up their spoilboard, they are not specifically designed for demanding applications where a superior line free finish is required. FOURCUT was developed to offer a high quality, line free finish on composite and solid materials.

The tool body is manufactured using high quality steel and offers diameters of 80 mm (3.15”) and 150 mm (5.90”). The 80 mm diameter offers three knives in an up shear position. This tool is ideal for smaller parts such as solid wood or MDF doors. The 150 mm diameter offers six knives in a down shear position. This larger tool is great for surface planing larger areas to reduce the number of passes. It’s not only suitable for wood and wood composite products, but can also be used on Thermo- and Duroplastics.

The inserts are 4-sided with our special FOURCUT grind to improve finish quality and tool life. What makes this tool truly unique are the choices of knives available. The 4-sided knives are available in solid carbide and in PCD (polycrystalline diamond) for high volume and very abrasive materials. When using this tool, we recommend mounting to one of our high precision heat shrink chucks. For those who require performance and high quality, the FOURCUT is the only choice!


larger diameter spoilboard / surface planing cutter

For more information, please see additional details on our website.