Vari-Angle Cutter Options


GUHDO vari-angle insert cutter


CNC insert vari-angle cutter

For those in need of cutting a variety of different angles, GUHDO has some options. We offer a versatile insert cutter head that is ideal for jointing and producing a variation of angles. Manufactured from light alloy, this 2-wing tool may be used on shapers, moulders and tenoners. It offers two, tiltable cutting apparatuses that are adjustable up or down 90 degrees. To achieve the desired angle, simply locate positions 1 and 2 located on the top of the cutter head. With the use of a T-Wrench, insert into position 1 to unlock, then position 2 to tilt each apparatus (up or down) to the desired location. Once the angle is achieved, go to position 1 to lock into place. A Vernier scale is located on each cutting segment to assure an accurate location of the chosen angle. This series is available in three diameters, 160, 170 and 200 mm and three cutting widths of 50, 60 and 80 mm. These cutterheads accept standard, double sided inserts, making this tool extremely cost effective!
In addition, for CNC routing applications we feature a similar system, series #4099. The 4099 is a steel body, also ideal for jointing, rebating and producing a variety of angles. With two tiltable cutting segments that are adjustable up 45 degree and down 90 degree. A Vernier scale is located on each cutter making adjustments quick and accurate. Adjustments are made with the use of an Allen wrench, unlocking two clamping bolts, and once the desired angle is located, simply lock into place. Available in two diameters of 85 and 110 mm with cutting capacities of 40 & 50 mm width respectively. Each tool is designed to accept standard, double sided inserts, making this multi-purpose tool and invaluable asset for any woodworking company!

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Stronger wood joints with Series 4070 Mitre Joint Cutter

GUHDO 4070 mitre joint insert style cutter head

GUHDO 4070 mitre joint insert style cutter head

Who doesn’t need stronger joints? GUHDO offers series 4070 insert cutter heads for producing accurate and incredibly strong, “Lock” mitre joints. This steel body insert cutter head is specifically designed for use on shapers and may also be used on other machines such as moulders and tenoners.

For shaper applications, the machining process involves two-steps.

1. Run the panel flat to the machine bed

2. Create a counter-profile which is achieved by running the panel vertical, tight to the machine fence

This two-step process together with glue and proper clamping, will create a lasting joint that is far superior to a simple 45 degree joint. This tool offers two replaceable carbide inserts and two serviceable groovers. Designed for machining material thickness of 14 mm (0.55”) to 34 mm (1.34”) and is ideal for solid woods, MDF and composite materials. The GUHDO 4070 insert cutter head is certainly an invaluable tool for any woodworking shop! For information on this product or related items such as finger or glue jointing, contact GUHDO for solutions!

“QuickLock” Insert Planing Cutter Head

Insert “QuickLock” planer head, GUHDO Series #4812 for use on Planers and Moulders, (Cosmec, Diehl, Griggio, Iida, Kentwood, Leadermac, Mattison, SCM, Wadkin, Weinig etc.) Manufactured with a high-quality, precision balanced steel body, this tool comes standard in 125 mm (5”) diameter with cutting widths of 80, 100, 130, 150, 180 & 230 mm. The 4-wing tool features a unique clamping and seating system that offers quick and easy knife removal/replacement while the cutterhead remains on the machine. Removal of each knife is performed by one center position bolt which is assessable from the top.
Removal of the knives is achieved as follows:


Quicklock insert planing head

-Release the pressure of the knife
-Remove/Replace the knives
-Activate the knife clamping pressure

This planer head utilizes double-sided (Centrolock) style knives which are available in either HSS or solid carbide. This tool offers excellent finish quality in all solid soft and hardwoods while offering reduced noise levels. For more information, visit our website

Finger Joint Cutters

Finger Joint Cutters are cutters with the bore applied as brazed tools or as cutter head versions. There are four versions of finger head cutters:

Finger Joint Cutter

Finger Joint Cutter

  1. brazed finger joint cutter
  2. disc-type finger joint cutter
  3. finger joint cutter head
  4. finger joint cutter head system
Finger Joint Cutter 2

Finger Joint Cutter 2

When purchasing a finger joint cutter it is important to look for certain qualities:

  • Ensure the body is made from high tensile tool steel
  • Precision of hub and bore
  • Inspect the profile truth and cutting edge preparation
  • Clean solder joints with no pitting

Safety and constant quality of this high performance tool helps increase productivity in high production industrial manufacturing processes involving finger jointing. This consistency can only be reached through long-standing production know-how and a high performance development environment in collaboration with machine manufacturers and customers.

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