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M. Conti Measuring Table

....a must for quality control

measuring table

In state-of-the-art panel processing plants, adequate quality control systems are standard. M. Conti has long been the choice tool in many of our leading cabinet manufacturers. The electronic checking table allows verification of all panel measurements, to include

  • Overall panel measurement
  • Distance between centers of vertical and horizontal holes
  • Parallelism and orthogonality between holes
  • Out of square check
  • Depth of vertical and horizontal holes

The electronic work station is a 2 axes (X and Y) instrument, with the addition of an optional third axis (Z). This instrument has exceptional characteristics, with accuracy of 0,1mm, sturdy construction and is very easy to use. It is designed to be functional even in extremely dusty environments, which are often unavoidable in the woodworking industry. Its use and application is also varied, and includes:

  • Quality control and verification
  • Assisting with work setup
  • Incoming Material inspection/acceptance
  • Product Certification

In addition to guaranteeing the consistent and accurate dimensions of your product, productivity is increased due to reliability of this measuring device. By means of a standard serial output, the work station is linked to an IBM-compatible PC, therefore allowing processing of data even on CAD programs. (Computer and software are not supplied with the table).

All control tables are tested and certified with HP Laser instrumentation and a calibration certification is issued prior to leaving the factory.

Technical Characteristics:

Model Working Range Weight
BCE 22 2200 x 700mm 360 kg
BCE 31 3100 x 700mm 430 kg
BCE 25 2500 x 1000mm 470 kg
BCE 31.10 3100 x 1000mm 600 kg
Accuracy: 0.1mm
Maximum panel thickness: standard 55mm
With tool revolver option 50mm
Electrical: 220 and 110 V
Overall dimensions:
BCE 22 2600 x 950 x 1700(height)
BCE 31 3100 x 950 x 1700(height)
BCE 25 2900 x 1250 x 1700(height)
BCE 31.10 3500 x 1250 x 1700(height)


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