Guhdo Cutting Tools

GUHDO Cutting Tools For Wood, Plastic and Composite Materials

GUHDO provides precision cutting tools for wood, plastics and composite materials.

GUHDO provides a full range of high-quality precision tooling for industrial applications, to include saw blades, CNC Router tooling and toolholders, insert tooling, diamond tooling, drill and boring bits, moulder and planer heads, knives, measuring instruments and much more!

Apart from our standard tooling program, we specialize in custom tooling in both diamond and carbide insert which we can often deliver in as little as 3 weeks.

Pictured on the right is a polycyrstalline diamond saw blade that will outrun a typical carbide saw blade by 100 x longer tool life. Imagine cutting solid surface material for 6 months straight without a tool change? At GUHDO, we make no compromises in tool quality. When you need tools that you can depend on, cut after cut after cut, GUHDO is a name you can trust.

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Insert Tooling for state-of-the-art cabinet manufacturing:

insert toolingWhen it comes to profile tooling for use on CNC machining centers, there are only two options: insert tooling or polycrystalline diamond bits.

Carbide tipped cutters are outdated, not economical and not designed for high volume production. After just one sharpening the profile dimensions have changed and adjustments have to be made by the machine to offset that dimensional change. Carbide tipped tools are also generally not dynamically balanced to run at the high speeds of todays CNC machines. With insert tools, tool change is a snap! Simply change our the carbide insert for a new one, and keep running!

Our "Customize-it!" program can accommodate a wide range of profiles from outside edge profiles, to raised panel doors and much more.

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